Welcome to our College Area Neighborhood Alliance (CANA) site!
Modesto, CA

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Welcome to our College Area Neighborhood Alliance (CANA) site!
Modesto, CA

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Mission Statement: "Neighbors working together with the City to create a safe, clean, family-friendly and vibrant neighborhood."
This website is a resource for all CANA residents. We provide a neutral forum to share ideas and learn about issues that effect our neighborhood.
You can reach us through our email, [email protected], or fill in the form below.  Also, Like our Facebook page, remember to click 'notifications' under Following. 

About CANA, read more
Our Accomplishments, read more

Click here to open the Focus on Prevention's Information on Homelessness. 2017 statistics and how we as a neighborhood can educate ourselves to engage with those in our parks and neighborhood who are looking for help. This PDF is a guide in how to engage with those experiencing homelessness and some resources you can offer if appropriate.

Next Taco Tues.
October 3
5 - 7 pm 

at the Roseburg Center. Bring your friends and join others at the Taqueria El Compadres. This is an evening where neighbors meet for a casual no host mixer while raising funds for our 3 local schools! (15% of proceeds will be donated by the restaurant).  This is a great way to meet new friends while re-connecting with others. Hang out with your neighbors! Get your name tag at the check in table. Take outs also count.

Remaining 2017 DATES
Oct 3
Nov 7

NEXT CANA General Meeting @ the Boy Scout Club House in Enslen Park Thursday, November 16,
6 - 7:30 pm. 

Take some time to peruse the Wish List for Graceada & Enslen parks

PDF of Plans (depicts ideas only)

PDF of Survey

For the last several months, College Area Neighborhood Alliance neighbors, City of Modesto Parks, Recreation & Neighborhoods Department staff, Modesto Police Department, Modesto Neighborhoods, Inc., Councilwoman Kristi Ah You (who initiated the Safety Survey last fall), and Steve Rank of Rank Investigation & Protection, have shared ideas for repairs and improvements for Graceada & Enslen Parks. The basic drawing above is a draft of these ideas and wishes. Click on the image to see the PDF and enlarged images of the individual ideas. Also, click here to link with the PDF of the Park Improvement Survey. This survey will be brought to the CANA General Meeting, September 14th for review. Please email [email protected],  if you have an interest, want to be on a sub-committee, or know of resources that would support any of the ideas on the Wish List.

Go Green. Want to Recycle?

A program that will pick up at your doorstep. Thank you United Cerebral Palsy of Stanislaus and Tuolumne counties for helping our neighborhood. Click here for details and information.

We are redesigning how to access Agendas & Notes from meetings. Thank you for your patience.

CANA General Meetings (every two months)

1.  Notes of meeting, January 23, 2017

2.  Agenda & Notes of meeting, March 23, 2017

Previous Meetings & Announcements

1.  Notes on meeting re: Uses in both parks Dec 2016

1.  Notes on meeting at the Enslen Park Boy Scout Club House September 8, 2016

2.  Notes on meeting with Doctor's Hospital October 10, 2016 

3.  Notes on Meeting with County officials and staff October 19, 2016

4.  Notes on meeting with Aegis Treatment Center, November 9, 2016

5.  Letter and Communication with Aegis (Methadone Clinic)

6.  Group formed re: Graceada Park Safe Kid Zone 

7.  Public Safety Survey Results, Kristi Ah You November 2016

8.  Public Safety Survey: The Plans & Actions

9.  Agenda Sept 2016 General Meeting Sept 2016

10. Agenda March 23 CANA General Meeting March 2017

11. Agenda May 2017 May 2017

12. Here is a list of ideas neighbors have come up with for the use of Graceada and Enslen park. January 15, 2017. See if there is one of them you would like to lead, or send in your ideas.

If you haven't signed up for Nextdoor.com, you might consider it as a valuable tool for watching out for and sharing with your neighbors. When you sign up, the CANA area is called College Manor. 

Want to Start a Neighborhood Watch Group?

Read the Instructions on “How To Be A Neighborhood Watch Captain." 

Rank Security Patrol in the CANA area. Click Security Patrol Services/Signup to learn about services. As more subscribers sign up our hours of coverage increase. Right now our subscriber number 215. Our goal is 600 for 24/7 coverage.There is at least one unit assigned to CANA every night. In addition there is a daytime unit four days a week, and that is in addition to the unit that works nights. Normally the evening unit starts at 7pm. Call Rank Investigation and Protections, Inc. 1301 K Street, Suite G, Modesto, CA 95354, 209-526-2025 to request a subscriber application or to ask questions.

Central District Community Policing

Modesto Police Department's  community policing is divided into four quadrants. CANA lies at the bottom of what is called the Central District.

Our Area Commander is Lt. Rigo DeAlba, email: [email protected], 209-342-6124.
Our Community Service Officer (CSO) is Rosie Garcia, [email protected]

Our community police officers have been consistent in attending our CANA meetings. By learning how we can be the ears and eyes for what is going on in our area
and reporting it to the police, we are seeing how we can work together and make a difference.

Had fun at the CANA Root Beer Float & Splash Party on the Virginia Trail. The mist felt good, and there were many happy walkers and bikers who enjoyed their free root beer floats! 60 + floats were given out! Thanks Julie for hosting, and those who contributed the ice cream, root beer and cookies?

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