Welcome to our College Area Neighborhood Alliance (CANA) site! Modesto 
Mission Statement: "Neighbors working together with the City to create a safe, clean, family-friendly and vibrant neighborhood." 

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Our Accomplishments

We will continue to list the accomplishments of CANA as they grow. Thanks to those neighbors who have helped us get this far.
  • Increasing Neighbohood Watch to approximately 25 groups
  • Initiating the Rank Security Patrol
  • Working with the Public Works in obtaining over 20 streets to be re-paved
  • Virginia Corridor's maintenance; Morris to Coldwell, replacement of 6 vandalized crepe myrtle trees and 175 plants
  • Donation of funds to Enslen & Roosevelt Music departments   
  •          As a tribute to the memory of Bette Belle Smith, a longtime supporter of the schools and music programs throughout Modesto, CANA presented $225 each to Enslen and  
  •          Roosevelt School's music programs for their 2013-14 school year. This money was earned through a few CANA Taco Tuesday events. Eating couldn't be more fun and 
  •          rewarding! 
  • Placement of recycling labels on the green recycle bins within the CANA area & graffiti removal
  • Social events (i.e. Taco Tuesday, Adult Social,  Root Beer Splash Party, and neighborhood Bike Ride)
  • Reporting blight and following the Modesto Inn (now called Motel 6) improvements
  • Neighbors helping to remove graffiti in their area (especially on garbage and green bins and on fences)
  • Hosting neutral forums to share ideas and learn about issues that effect our neighborhood (i.e. College Ave Road Diet)
  • Hosting a family-friendly bike ride throughout the neighborhood
  • Continued financial donations are given to the three schools is the CANA area: Enslen and Fremont Elementary, and Roosevelt Junior High. Money is earned from the Taco Tuesdays.
  • Formed a N.E.A.T. team in partners with the City of Modesto Parks & Rec. It is called the Neighborhood Environmental Action Team. The focus as of 2017 is to assist in trash pick up in Graceada & Enlsen parks and along the Virginia Trail.
  • Love Modesto project of working on the Virginia Trail from College Ave. to Roseburg Ave.
  • Residents are working with the Focus on Prevention Initiative sponsored by Stanislaus County to help with finding solutions for care and housing for those experiencing homelessness.
  • Partnered with Rank Investigations and Protection, Inc and Modesto City Parks, Recreation & Neighborhoods Dept and installed 5 cameras in Graceada Park.