Welcome to our College Area Neighborhood Alliance (CANA) site!
Modesto, CA

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Welcome to our College Area Neighborhood Alliance (CANA) site!
Modesto, CA

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About Crime Prevention and the Private Security Patrol in the CANA area

Did you know prison realignment has caused 803 felons to be released into Stanislaus County, and crime rates are up 24% from a year ago? On average, Modesto PD has between 12 and 16 patrol cars on the streets at a given time.Two to three major incidents can prevent them from being able to handle other situations in a timely manner. Cut backs...have truly cut their availability.

To combat these issues, the services provided by Rank Security Patrol help fill the gaps our local Police Department cannot currently accommodate. Together, the Neighborhood Watch groups organized by the PMD Crime Prevention Unit, the MPD, Rank Security Patrol, and the residents of CANA provide a collaboration effort for safety and crime prevention in our neighborhood.

Services Provided and How To Sign Up

Rank Investigation & Protection, Inc. brings professional and experienced security services. Combating crime is a community effort, one that its administrative staff, with years of law enforcement experience, understands.

Affordable at $25/month for a single-family home.

Current patrol is 10 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Currently, approximately 200 of us in the CANA area have signed up for this service. The more homes signed up, the more protection we all have, and the more hours of service we will eventually gain. Our goal is to have 600 subscribers for 24/7 coverage. Help support crime prevention in your neighborhood.

Services include:

  •     Uniformed officers patrol residences, streets, parks, and alleys.
  •     They engage suspicious persons on activity to investigate their presence.
  •     Reports taken 24/7 through the in-house dispatch center.
  •     Rank has the best tools: Night vision, K-9 units, computers, GPS, and extensive law enforcement contacts.
  •     Patrol vehicles are highly visible.
  •     Each client can receive a lawn sign to show they are protected.
  •     If you notify Rank of your vacation, your property will get extra patrol visits. 
  •     First responder services coordinated with your burglar alarm provider.
  •     Well-being checks for family members that may be staying at your home.
  •     Rank has a close liaison with Modesto Police Department.
  •     Individual client billing (sign up for autopay, pay on-line by credit card or send a check).
  •     Informative newsletter for subscribers with safety tips for you and your family.
  •     Patrol services for residential or businesses.
  •     Non-clients are not protected. Rank officers cannot act on private property that they do not have a contract.
Take the next step and call (209) 526-2025 to speak to one of our security professionals on how to sign-up for this affordable program; just $25.00 per month for a single family home. You can also visit www.rankinv.com.
To begin your registration Neighborhood Patrol Services and Registration


Rank Investigation & Protection is licensed by the State of California #PP015847 and PI24423.