How To Make Your Reports to the Rank Security Patrol Dispatch

The RANK dispatch center is there to serve you 24/7. You can reach dispatch by calling (209) 526-2025. (Please save this number to your contacts!) 

Give your name, address, phone, and identify yourself as a Modesto CANA resident. We patrol several HOA's from Merced to Sacramento counties, so the call-taker has to determine your location. 

You can expect the dispatcher to ask you a series of questions that will help prioritize the call and to direct it to the appropriate unit. They will ask for information about your incident, i.e. description of subjects/vehicles, direction of travel, etc. Because of the coverage being determined by subscriber count, you will be told if an officer is on duty. If no officer is on duty, the report will be given to the officer on the next CANA shift. (For in progress activities, dial 911.)

If you feel that you were not handled in the appropriate manner, then please ask to be connected to a field supervisor.

Let us know what you are seeing!  

If you are noticing more traffic in your alley, call dispatch with the location, or if you see an unknown person repeatedly in your area, call and give a description. The more information that we receive from the neighborhood, the more we can pinpoint problem spots and help deter criminal activity.

We consider you a part of our team. Thank you for your participation!

As a subscriber, you contribute to the safety of your neighborhood. As a deterrent to criminal activity, the Rank Security Patrol drives the CANA area checking on suspicious persons and activities and overseeing the general safety of the neighborhood. Each subscriber's address is in Rank's GPS. MPD reports are reviewed to stay current with activity with the CANA area.