How the Rank Security Patrol Works in the CANA area 

From the Desk of the CEO, Steve Rank

During the time we have been offering our patrols in the College Area Neighborhood Alliance (CANA), we have seen a continuous increase in the number of calls requesting service. This increase is directly related to an increased attentiveness by CANA residents to unusual vehicle and foot traffic in their streets and alleys.  Reporting suspicious persons and vehicles creates the first line of defense in deterring criminal activity. It sends a message to those looking to commit crimes that they are being watched.

On occasion, I get calls from clients saying that they have not seen our patrol vehicles in their area. In accordance with our original discussions with CANA, we made the commitment to furnish patrols 40 hours per week for the first 200 service subscribers. In good faith, we began providing service with substantially fewer than 200 subscribers and have maintained our commitment. 

Our patrol schedule attempts to direct our activities during the hours when the majority of crimes occur. To do this, we vary the hours with earlier start times two or three days per week. On other days, we generally start between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM. As you can presume, this is somewhat of a balancing act, but it is our way of trying to maximize the benefits of our service and keep criminal perpetrators uncertain about when we will be patrolling. Because you don't see the patrol vehicles, doesn't mean they are not out there.

The patrol has increased to seven days per week, eight hrs. a day.  For every 200 additional CANA subscribers, we can add an additional full-time position. Encouraging your neighbors to subscribe to our service will directly affect the hours we can patrol your neighborhood. 

Besides providing regular patrol services to the College neighborhood, service subscribers receive these additional services:

  • A residence security assessment, by request

  • Residence checks while you are away or on vacation

  • First responder services coordinated with your burglar alarm provider

  • Welfare checks for family members that may be staying at your home

We have been working hard on our communication by regularly attending CANA meetings and events. We are in the process of developing other methods of keeping our subscribers informed of our progress and activities. We welcome your input on how we can improve our communication with you, the client, and continue to promote the security program. My gratitude goes out to all of the CANA Security Committee members who are committed to promoting security and contacting the members of your community. If you see our patrol officer, we encourage you to stop him and introduce yourself.