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Safety Tips - scroll down to see others.

January 6, 2017 Update on our Rank Security Patrol in the CANA area. There is at least one unit assigned to CANA every night. Because most activity and concerns have been occurring during the night time, the patrol schedule as been adjusted. In addition there is a daytime unit four days a week, and that is in addition to the unit that works nights. Normally our evening unit starts at 7pm. Contact Steve Rank directly if you have any concerns. Steven Rank, President and CEO, Rank Investigation and Protections, Inc. 1301 K Street, Suite G, Modesto, CA 95354, 209-526-2025.

Alley Alert! Keep them Clear & Fire Free!
(this article will be in our July College Area Neighborhood Alliance email newsletter)
The drought has made everything “bone dry” as the saying goes, but it also means fire could easily be started with a discarded cigarette, or an ember from the upcoming 4th of July fireworks in your neighborhood. Once a fence catches fire, the entire block could be affected and possibly houses too.
PLEASE take the time now to a look at your alley way and clean up any excess weeds and/or flammable objects. If your alley needs clearing, talk to your neighbors and work together to help prevent a disaster and stay safe.

Here are some summer safety tips from Steve Rank, our CANA Security Patrol

Security tips may be repeated as we feel necessary due to their importance.

1. Keep your home lit up at night, the last think a burglar wants is to be seen!

2. Do NOT leave your animal or child in your vehicle during warm days. 75 degrees outside + 90 degrees or higher in the car. If you see a child or animal left in a vehicle call the police.

3. Keep all family members (including pets) out of the canals. They are extremely unsafe.

4. If you leave for vacation, do not leave a spare key under the mat or in the mailbox. 

5. Keep your security door locked at all times.

6. Make sure your house numbers are clearly visible during the day and night. This allows our patrol to respond to the correct house with no confusion.

7. When the weather is nice, do not leave your windows open while you are away, or over night. Screens can be easily removed and a burglar can quickly gain access into your home.

8.Even if they are enclosed in your backyard, keep your shed locked at all times.

9. Do not advertise your vacation on social media.

What Can We Do For A Safer Neighborhood?

This question keeps getting asked. Here are a few suggestions from our CANA neighbors that may help boost our awareness for a safer neighborhood.


1.  Keep the inside of your vehicle empty. It can be as simple as sunglasses that attract a burglar.


2.  Keep your trash bins inside your yard if you can. I know this is not possible for some, but for those who can, please consider.

3.  Do not put recyclables out in your alley. It draws people you do not know to your place. You may think you are doing them a favor, but indeed it

     may get around, and you may become a target for theft. Donate your recyclables to an organization whose mission you can support. 

Tagging and Graffiti 

4.  Walk your alley (if you have one) and use a hunter green spray paint or a matt black to cover any tagging or graffiti on the black and green bins. 

      Your neighbors will appreciate your effort. By keeping them clear, it gives a message that neighbors care and they are watching. Do the same if     

      your pick up is on the street.

5.  Report any graffiti on public property to the hotline 342-2259.

6.  If graffiti is on your property, please take time to paint over it or remove it. It is the responsibility of the owner to remove any tagging or graffiti.

Keep vegetation trimmed

7.  If you have an alley or back up to the canal, please keep your shrubs trimmed. There have been arrests along the canal area for drug use.

     Clothing and other items have been found to indicate people use these areas to hide.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

8.  Get to know the neighbors around you. Neighbors who are connected watch out for each other.  Start a Neighborhood Watch if one does not


9.  Take walks with your neighbors. You may use this time to look for something out of place, tagging, or overgrown bushes and talk with your

      neighbors about taking care of it. You can work it out that several neighbors may work together on what needs to be done. While on your

      walk, conversations start that would not have happened if you stayed in.

Rank Security Patrol

10. Join the Rank Security Patrol for the CANA area. Subscribers are increasing. There are now over 200 in our area. Each increase of 50 can

      give us more coverage. Right now the coverage is 7 days, 10 hours each day. It is a great preventive resource, helps in deterring suspicious

      activity, and provides a service to confront anyone making disturbances.

If you have any suggestions to add, please enter them on the Home Page of the CANA website,

Below is contact information that may be helpful.

Call 9-1-1 for anything in progress.

Call 552-2470 for MPD non-emergency dispatch

Call 572-9636 or 572-9639 for Neighborhood Watch

Call 342-2259 for Graffiti Hotline

Call 577-5250 for Blight Issues/Neighborhood Preservation Unit

Call 526-2025 for Rank Security Patrol

Add a Dusk to Dawn Light in Your Alleyway for Safety

Dusk to Dawn Lighting Service is an all night outdoor area lighting service supplied from an existing overhead 12-volt source. The lighting facilities are installed, owned, and maintained by the Modesto Irrigation District. The lighting facilities are installed, owned, and maintained by the Modesto Irrigation District under a monthly fee structure. Lights being installed on existing wood poles cost approximately $20/month for a continuous 12 months and thereafter, or a new pole assembly for approximately $30/month for a continuous 36 months. Only one household is billed (you can arrange to have neighbors help pay the fee). Download a Dusk to Dawn Light Application on the MID website. Call the MID office for any questions, 209-526-7337.

A device called a PEDAL LOCK was demonstrated at the Security meeting. It kept a CANA resident's car from being stolen. For those of you who are unable to park your car in a locked garage, the pedal lock devise might be of interest. And with the holidays fast approaching, the vehicle related crime rates will most likely rise. Also, remember not to have anything visible in your parked car. OUR GOAL in CANA is to keep our neighborhood secure and less desirable for criminal activity! Thanks Patrick for letting us know about this.
Check at Pep Boys on McHenry for $69.99 or go on-line. AutoLock X and AutoLock Pro.

Read the flyer on What is Suspicious and how to make a report.

It is recommended to make an Inventory List of your property. Click here to get a sheet.