Public Safety Survey: The Plans and Actions

From meeting at the Boy Scout Club House September 8, 2016 Twainhart Hill

PARKS - Graceada, Enslen, Virginia Trail, Roosevelt Comments from Neighbors

  1. A call could be made every time something illegal or of non-social behavior Illegal: Drug

    dealing and Drug Use, Day Camping, etc. in order to underscore the need for Public


  2. There was a lot of discussion about non-social behavior: Foul language, defecating, trash,

    erratic behavior. Behavior needs to change.

  3. Is it possible to create a “Safe children” play area with no adults allowed unless

    accompanied by children with fence and signs? S.F. is an example.

  4. Virginia Trail sleepers are becoming a problem.

  5. Parks are dark at night.

  6. Limited police for patrolling and citing illegal activities.

Ideas for Improvements for the Parks

  1. Seek funding through the Boy Scouts of America for replacement of play equipment that was burned.

  2. CANA is also having a fundraiser to raise money for the play equipment replacement.

  3. Rank Investigations and Protection offered to install a wireless surveillance camera

    system to be monitored at his office. He would partially finance it along with other

    businesses and individuals.

  4. Increase lighting in the parks.

  5. Have surrounding liquor stores stop selling single serve containers. Note: We have begun

    a conversation with business owner.

  6. City ordinance to have safe play areas for children. No Adults allowed unless

    accompanied by children.

  7. Neighbors should use the parks more.

  8. Attend the Neighborhood Engagement Training presented through Focus on Prevention

  9. Offer low interest home mortgages to officers so they will stay in Modesto.

1. Sycamore has become a thoroughfare.Sycamore and Coldwell, Sycamore and Griswold

(50 miles an hour) and Speeding on Magnolia are examples.

Ideas for Improvements for Speeding:

Jim Holgersson met with neighbors regarding traffic calming strategies after the meeting. Follow up with Jim.

Foot traffic

  1. Impact from DMC - released from Emergency Methadone Clinic - serves 800 people, how many are the problem?

  2. Walgreens Pharmacy - loitering, confrontations, asking for money, etc.

Ideas for Improvements for Foot Traffic:

1. Mike is scheduling a meeting with the CEO of Doctor’s Hospital.
2. Meet with businesses to see if they have solutions.
3. Closing off streets to reroute both vehicle and foot traffic.
4. Lt. DeAlba has scheduled meetings with several businesses along McHenry. Motel 6, El

Capitan, Budgetel, Tiki.

5. Food and hotel vouchers. Illegal activity, drugs, prostitution. MPD and County have worked together. There is limited voucher use now at Budgetel and Tiki..


State is offering financial assistant to Central Valley for homeless. Attend the Neighborhood Engagement Training

Hackberry Ave

Several street lights are out. Gave suggestion to use the GoModesto! app.

Ryan Foy